Going Organic 101

Organic food has become quite popular nowadays and getting more demand each day. In fact, a lot of organic companies have been established over the years.

Most people know it’s healthier choice than conventional food but, what is organic food really about?


Various organic vegetables at a Farmer’s Market.

What is Organic Food?

The USDA or the United States Department of Agriculture created an organic certification program in 2002 to control how organic food should be grown and processed. Under the program, the farming methods used to grow and process organic food must recycle resources. Crops should be raised without the use of petroleum-based fertlizers, and pesticides. Animals raised must east organic feed and have access outdoors.

There is also a strict regulation in organically-labeled products. Thise labeled organic must contain not less than 95 percent of organic ingredients, while those that say made with organic ingredients must have at least 70 percent ingredients that are organic.

Food with an organic label ensures us that it doesn’t contain any artificial colors, artificial flavors, additives and preservatives. Some studies also show that organic food contain higher levels of minerals and vitamins.

What remains clear though is the fact that organic food has less toxins due to lower pesticides residue. exposure to pesticide can affect our nervous system which can create some problems. So, we can say that organic food is safer and healthier for us to ingest.

Healthy and delicious.

Tips in Buying Organic Food

If you have decided on going organic, you can try these tips in fill up your organic pantry:

  • Research. A good place to start is to check organic associations in your state. They usually have a list of organic companies that could cater to your needs. You can easily do this on the internet.
  • Farmer’s Markets. You can try to go to farmer’s markets and check their organic produce. Prices here can be relatively cheap.
  • Peak Season. Organic food can be expensive but the best time to buy them is during the peak season of a vegetable or fruit. The prices for these organic food can drop at this time so, its really a good idea to buy them in bulk. You might get some discounts as well.
  • Buy Online.  If you seem to have no choices in your local area, you can definitely check online dealers who cater to organic food. The directory from GreenPeople is a good place to check out.
  • Grow Your Garden. You can always start to grow your own organic food. You can start from small vegetables such as carrots and beets.


You can find out more about organic food by checking out the video below:

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